SAPHC Board of Directors

President - Dave Spenny 


Vice President - Dee Troy 

Secretary - Kathy Tauber 

Treasurer - Debi Postell 

Members at Large

Membership - Diane Elliott

Sponsor Support - Lori Parker 

Communications - Sally Spenny

Happy Hour Manager - Mani Andrade 

Promotions Director - Dave Spenny 

Other / Committee Chairs

Newsletter Editor - Sharon Perkins and Chez Varela

Website Manager - Sally Spenny

Alzheimer's Memory Walk - Dave & Sally Spenny


Adopt-a-Highway - "Doc" Blanchard

Elf Louise Project - Gary Arnold

                             - Doc Blanchard 

Soldiers' Angels - Cindy Shoffstall 

San Antonio Municipal Ministries - Cindy Shoffstall

San Antonio Food Bank - Scott McBrearty


Annual Coat Drive - Carol Garner

Founder - Garrett Van Delden

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Our Charities

Our Sponsors

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